Quality Assurance, Quality Improvement, and Innovation in Higher Education

SERVICES:   I offer a range of services, reasonably priced, to support effective quality assurance, quality improvement, and innovation in higher education.  In the United States, this most frequently involves institutional and/or program accreditation.  Around the globe higher education quality assurance may use other processes and names for them.  I draw on many years of experience in U.S. accreditation and international higher education quality assurance.  My fees can be hourly, daily, or by project, and are available on request.

The educational needs of the nation and the world will be best met by monitoring and advancing quality in all settings in which higher learning is provided.  This includes but is not limited to  public colleges and universities; private, independent colleges and universities; for-profit colleges and universities; and corporate training divisions.   Because few institutions any longer can do everything alone,  quality higher education in the 21st century will require cooperation, collaboration, and partnerships between and among all types of providers and supporters of effective higher learning.

Steven D. Crow


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